World Energy & Meteorology Council

World Energy & Meteorology Council

The World Energy & Meteorology Council (WEMC) was set up to build on the growing knowledge and expertise in weather and climate risk management for the energy industry. Working with our partners and members worldwide, WEMC brings together experts from the energy and climate science communities, to collaborate and share knowledge that can help create more sustainable, resilient and efficient energy systems.


Our vision is to contribute to the global activities of science and energy experts, to create a sustainable world where energy systems work in synergy with our weather, climate and environment.

We will do this by facilitating shared learning and interaction between our stakeholders from the energy industry and the weather, climate and broader environmental sciences community.


WEMC is committed to exploiting weather, climate and environmental factors towards expanding renewable energy, reducing the consumption of non-renewable energy, transforming the layout of energy applications, and optimising the energy structure.

We want to contribute to environmental and ecological protection and find a sustainable way in which humans can co-exist with the natural world.

Country: United Kingdom
Asia Climate Forum stand number: Official Supporter

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