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What is a long-range forecast?
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What is a long-range forecast?

First posted August 23, 2020

Deterministic Weather Forecasting

In 2020, the global energy industry depends on high-quality weather forecasts for critical decision making like never before. Over recent decades the application of these forecasts has expanded exponentially due to the rapid growth of renewable energy and the liberalization of energy markets.

Short-range forecasts are now an essential tool in the real-time management of wind and solar assets, whilst medium-range forecasts play a crucial role in daily hedging activity. Even though modern computing power has brought huge improvements to forecast accuracy, there remains an inconvenient truth at the heart of traditional weather forecasting: there is still very little deterministic skill in the long term, generally considered a forecast beyond 12 days ahead. Enter the long-range forecast.

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Dr. Jan F. Dutton - CEO, Prescient Weather Ltd

Dr. Jan F. Dutton

Dr. Jan F. Dutton

CEO, Prescient Weather Ltd

Jan is the creator of the World Climate Service seasonal/subseasonal forecast application and holds a PhD in Meteorology and an MBA from Penn State University in the United States.

His career spans over 20 years in the weather information industry.

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