Weather Stream

Weather Stream

Weather Stream provides Analysis Ready Data (ARD) which enables weather nowcasting, forecasting, and analysis for business and public safety applications.
Through its state-of-the-art International Centre for Earth Data (ICED) platform, Weather Stream is able to provide innovative and relevant datasets for government and business customers—including those in the agriculture, insurance, aviation, and maritime sectors—that rely on precise, high-temporal information to build accurate forecasts and make timely, informed decisions.

Weather Stream collects, synthesizes, and aggregates high-temporal weather data from both government and commercial sources. Weather Stream has proprietary access to earth observation data collected by the Global Earth Monitoring System (GEMS) operated by Orbital Micro Systems. GEMS utilizes advanced radiometers in a constellation of low earth orbit satellites to provide precise, high-definition, and high-temporal frequency weather observation data which enhances the value of public datasets.

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