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Vaisala launches enhanced WindCube Scan suite for wind measurement
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10th October 2022

Vaisala launches enhanced WindCube Scan suite for wind measurement

The new suite delivers the next generation of lidar technology, raising the bar to enable world-leading wind measurement, increased situational awareness and mission critical actionable intelligence.

New features include a more robust exterior, new scanning head, and enhanced laser design to allow for an operationally consistent range of up to 10 kilometers and more — the farthest measurement industrywide. The innovations to the gold-standard scanning lidar solution deliver numerous benefits including, enhanced atmospheric measurements used in meteorological forecasting, windshear assessment to mitigate wind hazards for airports, and simplicity, flexibility, and data accuracy at any stage of a wind energy project.

“Vaisala’s WindCube Scan suite supports continuous wind measurements that our customers can count on to keep accuracy, safety and efficiency a priority,” said Heikki Joensuu, Director of Remote Sensing at Vaisala. “The versatile device captures real-time data in any location to help decision-makers manage critical weather changes that impact everything from people’s travel plans to reliable energy resources.”

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