Understanding Risk Global Forum

Date: November 2022
Understanding Risk Global Forum
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UR22 theme
Climate and disaster resilience in a multi-hazard world. Imagine your president is assassinated, you are struck by a 7.2 magnitude earthquake and then by the tail of a hurricane, all in the middle of a pandemic –under these circumstances, how do you respond? This is not a TV show, it happened. We face a reality where hazardous events are interrelated, and disaster impacts cascade in unpredictable ways. Multi-hazards can be a coincidence, they can be directly triggered by another or influence each other, creating multi-vulnerabilities that we need to prepare for. UR22 explores the space where these waves collide to better understand multi-hazards and develop multi-faceted resilience approaches.

About UR
The Understanding Risk (UR) Global Forum is a biennial conference that convenes experts and practitioners from all around the world to showcase the best practices and latest innovations in the field of disaster risk identification and management, as well as to facilitate non-traditional interactions and partnerships.