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Transport Operations
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Transport Operations

A unique integrated solution to support wind shear detection for aviation in all types of weather conditions


Combining several technologies in a single wind shear detection solution

Weather has an impact on virtually every operation that takes place at an airport, and poor conditions can lead to flight delays, shutdown of operations and even some accidents in the worst case scenarios. These issues are costly for all stakeholders involved: airlines, airport operators, and passengers.

Approximately 70% of delays at airports are weather-related. Among these weather issues, wind shear is one of the most difficult to handle due to its variability and unpredictability. Wind shear related events can have significant impact on safety and capacity at the airport and require accurate forecast.

This presentation will discuss the different types of known wind shear phenomena and how they can be efficiently detected by multiple technologies in all types of weather conditions and integrated in a single wind shear detection system. This solution increases wind shear awareness at the airport and helps smoothen the operations for more safety and reliability. 

Presentation given at InterMET Asia 27 March 2019

Transport Operations Session chaired by Dr. David Rogers, Consultant, World Bank

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Floriane Grussenmeyer - Aviation Weather Business Development Manager, Leosphere-Vaisala

Floriane Grussenmeyer

Floriane Grussenmeyer

Aviation Weather Business Development Manager, Leosphere-Vaisala

Now part of the Vaisala team since Leosphere and Vaisala joined forces in 2018, Floriane has more than eight years experience in the sale of LiDAR remote sensor solutions. She has been using her scientific background to optimise the value of these solutions in various markets, with a particular focus in aviation weather.

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