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The versatility of LiDAR surveying technology
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The versatility of LiDAR surveying technology

LIDAR, short for laser detection and ranging, is a surveying technology which combines 3D scanning and laser scanning. It is a versatile tool that measures the distance to a target by illuminating the target with laser light and then measuring the reflected light with a sensor. Its applications range from pollution monitoring, agriculture and archaeology, to digital mapping of building interiors, wind farm optimisation and guiding autonomous vehicles.

One leading player in the development and use of LIDAR technology is the greek company, Raymetrics. Business of Weather spoke to the company’s founder, CEO and chairman, Nikos Kontos, about the company about pollution monitoring and other applications for LIDAR technology.

Podcast first aired in 2020.

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Nikos Kontos - Chairman & CEO, Raymetrics

Nikos Kontos

Nikos Kontos

Chairman & CEO, Raymetrics

Mr. Kontos is responsible for locating new partners and new opportunities with major clients. He is directly overseeing the company’s move from a small niche company to become a company which produces standardized commercial products. Mr Kontos is also responsible of the general strategy of the company. He is the Chairman and CEO of the company.

Nikos Kontos holds a Bachelor degree in Civil Engineering from Sunderland University, an MSc in Structural Engineering and Engineering Project Finance from UMIST and an MBA from Henley Management College. For the past decade he has worked as Director of external affairs of Mytilineos Group.  He has more than 12 years’ experience in the sector, facilitating, systemizing, expanding and improving the profile of listing groups to the investment community and financial media. Also, Mr Kontos was previously the General Manager of Avenir S.A., a listed group in Athens Exchange which was active in the sectors of Fixed Odds Bets (land-based and online), Online Gaming & Gambling (online sports- betting, live and RNG casino games) and Casino Vessels.

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