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The Asian region emphasizes the importance of the ocean
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6th October 2021

The Asian region emphasizes the importance of the ocean

During the RAII Session last week, a special Ocean Side Event, with more than 80 participants, explored the needs, gaps and priorities in ocean matters across the region. This was a nod to the start, this year, of the UN Ocean Decade of Science for Sustainable Development (2021 to 2030) .

Dr. Sahar Tajbakhsh Mosalman, Director of I.R of Iran Meteorological Organization (IRIMO) and the Permanent Representative of Iran with WMO, chaired the event, leading the speakers and audience through a series of topics from the various sub-regions in RAII.

Participants were welcomed by Dr. Wenjian Zhang, Assistant Secretary General of the WMO, emphasizing the need to further enhance regional cooperation between Members. Highlighting the role of WMO in co-leading efforts including WCRP,  GOOS, Ocean OPS, he promoted the need to strengthen collaboration across the region, to bring economic benefit. Dr Zhang also spoke of the importance of global satellites in ocean activities, and that the Asian region was a leader in this field.

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