Spire Global

Spire Global

Building a space-powered, global data network

Spire was formed by founders from three countries scattered across the globe, united by a common desire to build a better planet. While information about the earth and its environment has traditionally been collected from ground networks and satellite imagery, Spire set out to do something different: create a vast network of affordable nanosatellites that orbit just above Earth’s atmosphere, collecting rich, granular data from the ultimate vantage point.

Know more, change the future

Can top-quality data—analyzed and enriched by savvy experts—really help us build a better future? We think so.

As a global, mission-driven company, Spire wants the information we collect and analyze to help make our world a safer, cleaner, more prosperous and more equitable place.

Whether we are providing uncannily accurate weather forecasts to minimize the impact of natural disasters or location data to protect assets, optimize efficiency, and mitigate risk, we empower our customers to address our planet’s toughest challenges with deliberate speed.

Together, we’re reaching toward a world where commerce coexists with nature. Where economies flourish to support thriving families and safer communities. Where no child goes hungry, and no wild creature is driven to extinction.

We believe predictive analytics show patterns that can change our future. We’re here to change that future for the better.

Country: United States

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