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Innovations in technology & forecasting services
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Innovations in technology & forecasting services

EEC Technology for Hydrometeorological Applications: Weather Radar and QPE 


Severe weather phenomena, including strong winds and flooding precipitation events, often lead to widespread disasters that can cause bodily injury, property damage, destruction of infrastructure and even loss of life. Additionally, these types of disastrous incidents pose a serious risk to transportation, agriculture and many other areas closely related to people’s daily lives. It is critically important to accurately monitor and estimate wind speeds & precipitation amounts such that the occurrence and intensity of these hazards can be well identified, detected, forecasted and communicated.

Enterprise Electronics Corporation (EEC) has developed cutting-edge weather radar technology for monitoring severe weather events, with a specific focus on quantitative precipitation estimation (QPE) and hazard warnings (e.g., hail estimation/warning, flash flood forecast/warning, etc.). EEC produces a wide range of X-, C-, S-band Doppler weather radars, which incorporate the latest dual-polarization techniques for accurate detection and retrieval of hydrometeors. Specifically focusing on hydrometeorological applications, EEC radar systems have implemented a special suite of QPE algorithms, including the innovative attenuation-based (R-A) algorithm. Recent land-falling hurricanes in the US have proven how the accuracy of EEC’s R-A QPE algorithm, combined with proper alerting tools and communication mediums, are helping to protect people and assets during severe weather events.

Presentation given at InterMET Asia 27 March 2019

Private Sector briefings on Innovations in Technology & Forecasting Services session chaired by Brian Day, CEO, Campbell Scientific (Canada) Corp.

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Richard Stedronsky - Director, Strategic Business Development & Partnerships/Meteorologist, Enterprise Electronics Corporation (EEC)

Richard Stedronsky

Richard Stedronsky

Director, Strategic Business Development & Partnerships/Meteorologist, Enterprise Electronics Corporation (EEC)

Richard ‘Sted’ Stedronsky is the Director of Strategic Business Development & Partnerships at Enterprise Electronics Corporation, EEC. Sted has been with EEC for 7 years and is also a veteran meteorologist with over 18 years of operational experience. Educated in meteorology at the University of Oklahoma, Sted served in the US Air Force as an operational weather officer prior to leaving active duty to pursue a career in the private sector. Sted continues to serve as an Air Force Reserve officer (Major) at
Vandenberg Air Force base in California, where he oversees weather support for the Air Force’s space lift operations. Before joining EEC, Sted worked as the Director of Sales and Marketing for MeteoStar, a division of Sutron Corporation from 2006-2012. Sted also manages EEC’s domestic sales & TeleSpace weather satellite systems divisions, as well as EEC’s marketing activities.

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Innovations in technology & forecasting services

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