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Pilot project: Bus with Mobile Sensor increases Road Safety
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Pilot project: Bus with Mobile Sensor increases Road Safety

Winter services save lives. They use salt spreaders and snow plows to ensure safe roads as soon as the days get shorter and colder and detect the road condition with real-time measurements. In a pilot project, the Technical Services Offenburg (TBO) show how their database can be improved with little effort.

It is a bus that makes traffic in Offenburg safer. All this without any additional effort for the driver. Yet the bus looks quite ordinary, only the frog-green varnish hits the eye. The crucial feature is located at the rear. It is a box the size of a bread box, inside of which there is an ingenious technology. The mobile road weather sensor Lufft MARWIS monitors the road condition while driving and sends the data in real time to the winter road clearance service. This is how the frog green bus detects the acute traffic safety when it tours the streets of Offenburg and the neighboring communities multiple times every day.

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