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Operational forecasting systems in the urban environment - OMS
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Operational forecasting systems in the urban environment - OMS

Balancing resolution and latency

Key note presentation given at InterMET Asia 27 March 2019

Plenary session chaired by  Robert Thompson, Key Expert HydroMet DSS, ICT Infrastructure and Networks, International Development Projects

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William Hosack - CEO and President, Orbital Micro Systems

William Hosack

William Hosack

CEO and President, Orbital Micro Systems

Bill serves as chief executive officer and president for Orbital Micro Systems (OMS), bringing some thirty years of aerospace and management experience to lead the company’s strategic growth, market development, and go-to-market tactics. Prior to co-founding OMS, he helped launch Singularity Prime and Singularity Space Systems,
independent aerospace and space business development consultancies. Prior to that, he served in multiple executive management and account roles with P3 Group, a professional management, engineering consulting and solutions company focused on aerospace, automotive, communication, and energy and storage.

Hosack is recognized as an expert on public/private partnerships, risk and insurance analysis, manufacturing process automation, system integration, and international business. He has been a featured speaker at conferences and meetings around the world. Hosack studied Aeronautical and Space Management Operations at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. He is also an IFR certified private pilot.

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