Since 1987, Météorage has operated a lightning detection network in France, which was subsequently expanded to include a major portion of Europe.

Our services are also available across the globe. Météorage produces and distributes services related to preventing the risks associated with lightning for a number of sectors (industry, transport, networks, leisure, tourism, weather, aeronautics, military, wind power, etc.)

Météorage was awarded the "Gold Standards" trophy by the AFNOR Group in 2019, in recognition of our contribution to standards and improving protection for people.

Country: France
Asia Climate Forum stand number: V05

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    • Meteorage Press Pack

      Meteorage Press Pack

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Meteorage launches the GLISS project
24th September 2020

Meteorage launches the GLISS project

Global Lightning Information Services System Dedicated to National Met Services, GLISS is a solution to help developing countries mitigate...

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