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Met Office launches climate dashboard
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7th November 2021

Met Office launches climate dashboard

A Met Office Hadley Centre dashboard monitoring key indicators of global climate is providing an authoritative way to stay up to date with the current state of the climate.

The Climate Dashboard  – compiled by Met Office scientists – will help decision makers, including those at COP 26, to view how indicators of climate change, such as global temperature, ocean heat content, sea level rise, sea ice extent and atmospheric greenhouse gas concentrations are shifting. 

The Met Office’s Nick Rayner leads the project team. She said: “Bringing together key climate data into a clear and concise dashboard helps increase understanding of our dramatically changing climate. In future visitors to the dashboard should be able to see the outcomes of increasing mitigation efforts reflected in the fastest-responding indicators.” 

Sea level rise is a key indicator covered by the dashboard. Nick Rayner added: “Observations from coastal tide gauges show sea levels rose by nearly 200mm between 1900 and 2000. However, by building in projections of sea level rise linked to different scenarios for future greenhouse gas emissions, you can easily see what we are already committed to and the need for urgent action to minimise further changes.” 

Dr Helene Hewitt is an expert on sea level rise with the Met Office. She said: “Without strong action to tackle climate change we could see global sea levels rise by a metre by 2100, depending on the greenhouse gas emission scenario: that could be up to five times the rate or more in the next 100 years, compared with the previous century. 

“Even with aggressive action to cut greenhouse gas emissions, global sea levels will continue to rise.”

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