LCJ Capteurs

LCJ Capteurs

LCJ Capteurs has designed and manufactured Ultrasonic Wind Sensors since 1999.

Our wind vane-anemometers are adapted to a wide range of public and professional uses: boating, naval, vehicles, wind turbines, acoustic measurement, environment, agriculture, meteorology, and so on.

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A human and technological adventure

Well-known in the marine industry, Mr. Lamiraux founded LCJ Sensors in 1999 after a successful career at MLR Électronique (radio-positioning and GPS pioneer) with the aim to lead the way in robust and accurate wind sensors, designed for marine use, with no moving parts, that are compact, lightweight, low–consumption and affordable for all.  

Our company is a pioneer in the field of ultrasonic wind measurement for all, and this remains our aim.  

Our range has expanded along with the development of components, and our catalogue now provides solutions for all marine or terrestrial applications.  

Christophe Michel, who joined the initial team, took over the company in 2012. He boosted the terrestrial sector, and developed product export, supported by the “Pays de la Loire” region and the “Nantes-Saint-Nazaire” Chamber of Commerce. 

Country: France

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CV7 Ultrasonic Wind Vane-anemometer

CV7 Ultrasonic Wind Vane-anemometer
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CV7: The second generation ultrasonic wind vane-anemometer from LCJ Capteurs

The emblematic CV3F - Created in 1999, the creator of LCJ Capteurs, Mr. Lamiraux, set himself the mission of creating a static wind sensor designed to withstand marine conditions. After two years of research and marketing, the first patent in 2001 allowed the creation of the CV3F ultrasonic wind vane-anemometer.

The feedback was very good! He succeeded in his challenge to offer a sensor:

  • marinised
  • compact
  • light
  • energy-efficient
  • and affordable for the general public.

The birth of the CV7 range with a new patent

Since 2007, the CV7 ultrasonic wind sensor has been evolving.
If the CV3F has proven itself by its reliability on the professional boat market. It reveals some imperfections especially during rainy weather and on stable vessels.

For this reason, a second patent corrects and improves the first one, proposing a new version of the technology. In 2007, the new ultrasonic wind sensor from LCJ Capteurs is called the CV7, the number 7 evoking the year of its release.

The innovation consists in the geometry of the measurement vectors. Until now, the CV3F ultrasonic transducers communicate crosswise, with 2 vectors. The CV7 ultrasonic wind vane-anemometer works with a square geometry since it has 4 vectors. This allows to reduce the measurement inaccuracy while keeping the sensor dimensions very small. To improve the evacuation of possible water drops from the measuring window, the reflector part is now conical.

CV7 Ultrasonic Wind Vane-anemometer

CV7 Ultrasonic Wind Vane-anemometer

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