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IMPACT investing to balance financial return and social good by solving weather related issues for NGOs, foundations, non-profits, governments and philanthropies

Investment session chaired by Ian Harper, Director, Media Generation Ventures

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Rebecca Leonardi - Managing Partner, Wx Risk Global

Rebecca Leonardi

Rebecca Leonardi

Managing Partner, Wx Risk Global

Rebecca Leonardi is one of the original founders and partners of Wx Risk Global, an international weather risk solutions company that provides risk transfer products and services to individuals, organizations, cities and nations worldwide.

Rebecca has years of experience in entrepreneurial partnerships over multiple business types as well as various board positions with non-profit foundations. As Principle, Rebecca is responsible for managing the business relationships between the corporate client base, the OTC derivative counter parties, and their various finance-related business partners. Rebecca also manages the company’s weather-related investment fund, Weather Logix, LP. The Fund executes a market neutral strategy designed to capitalize on the pricing inefficiencies within the over-the-counter weather derivatives market when significantly anomalous weather patterns are detected.

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