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Innovations in technology & forecasting services
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Innovations in technology & forecasting services

Benefits of Lightning Information as a service 


Traditionally the MET services have been operating their own observation system. Lightning detection has seen the emergence of a new model where a dedicated operator takes charge of the measurement infrastructure, controls the quality of the data and provides raw data or value added services to a range of users. Coupled with the availability of large-scale lightning detection network, this approach brings many benefits.

The required information is available in days, not years, and it can be delivered when required for short term needs such as construction projects or special events. The information is available everywhere, even when it’s not possible to deploy sensors.

The hidden cost of operation, maintenance and calibration are completely removed from the user's equation.

The economies of scale allow to set the price of the data as per the user needs, not by the cost of the infrastructure.

The information is made available to different end-users with specific applications that match their needs, languages, and habits.

Today the long-range detection technology brings the quality of lightning data to a level that approaches high resolution regional networks.

We will look at real world cases where the combination of latest generation lightning detection combined with new business models benefit to end-users.

Presentation given at InterMET Asia 27 March 2019

Private Sector Briefings on Innovations in Technology & Forecasting Services session chaired by Brian Day, CEO, Campbell Scientific (Canada) Corp.

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Marc Bonnet - VP International, Météorage

Marc Bonnet

Marc Bonnet

VP International, Météorage

Marc Bonnet is in charge of export activity for data services and network projects. His responsibilities cover market development, product management and project
supervision. He graduated as an Electrical Engineer from INSA Lyon France. He became a teacher then a maintenance engineer in Venezuela, and a consultant in software development and networks. He joined Météorage in 1988, first to manage software developments, then to lead the technical activities. He has been V.P. International since 2008.

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