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Infrastructure planning
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Infrastructure planning

Risk sensitive land use and infrastructure planning

Keynote presentation given at Asia Climate Forum 28 March 2019

Session chaired by Dr. Makoto Suwa, Senior Disaster Risk Management Specialist, GFDRR, World Bank

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Amit Prothi - Head of India National Strategy at 100ResilientCities (100RC)

Amit Prothi

Amit Prothi

Head of India National Strategy at 100ResilientCities (100RC)

Amit Prothi is an urban planner, educated at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and currently Head of India National Strategy at 100ResilientCities (100RC), a program
of the Rockefeller Foundation. Amit also manages the preparation and implementation of resilience strategies in several Asian cities, including Seoul, Singapore and Chennai that are supported through 100RC. Amit has practiced in North America, Asia and Africa on projects and studies funded by the World Bank, Asian Development Bank, Rockefeller Foundation, US Government, and numerous municipalities and private sector clients. For nearly 20 years, he has led or worked with multidisciplinary teams on thematic areas that relate directly to urban resilience, including environmental planning, urban policy, land use planning, natural resource management, flood management, disaster risk reduction, housing, and community development. Prior to joining 100RC, Amit was Team Leader on project preparation technical assistance for a
USD250 million flood management project in the PRC.

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