The Weather Company, an IBM Business

The Weather Company, an IBM Business

Advancing weather science with accurate forecasting & technology products for businesses everywhere

IBM strives to combine accurate weather data with industry-leading science and technology to better inform consumers’ daily actions and support smarter decision-making for businesses.

Weather impacts everything, including you

Universal and powerful, weather has a serious effect on people’s emotions and behaviors. From food and clothing choices to taking shelter after a tornado alert, millions of decisions are made every day based on the weather.

Weather also serves a critical role in business intelligence, such as guiding the route a pilot takes to avoid turbulence, when a farmer fertilizes their crops or how an energy company mobilizes its crews after a power outage.

As part of IBM’s commitment to being essential, we are focused on using our knowledge, scale, technology and trust to advance the science of accurate weather forecasting and help people everywhere make better decisions.

How can weather better serve you?

Democratizing weather

Everyone deserves accurate and reliable weather forecasts and data. But until recently, a lack of specialized equipment and forecasting models hindered access to timely weather information for certain parts of the world.

In response, we created IBM Global High-Resolution Atmospheric Forecasting System (IBM GRAF). Running on an IBM POWER9 supercomputer, this new global weather model updates hourly and at a 3 – 4 km resolution to help create a clear and reliable weather picture for more reliable weather insights and analytics.

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