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Floods pose a threat to human life, critical infrastructure and economic operations, especially in complex, high-density, urban environments. A simple approach to making urban areas resilient is to consider a four-phase approach to Flood Resilience starting with Prevention, Preparation, Response and Recovery.

Our Flood Resilience Circle depicts the three steps in each phase. Royal HaskoningDHV's flood resilient solutions cover the whole spectrum from adaptation to prevention: from early warning systems using smart, interactive tools and analyses, to flood protection schemes to protect valuable assets. From assessment through to solution we draw on a network of deep ‘smarts’ specialised in an understanding of the physics, social environment and stakeholders involved, translating this into the real world with an eye on commercial and economic growth.

Country: Singapore

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Global Flood Risk Tool

Global Flood Risk Tool
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The Global Flood Risk Tool (GRFT) is Royal HaskoningDHV’s cloud-based platform that delivers accurate and comprehensible flood risk analysis and recommends investment proposals to reduce risk on losing lives and economic damages. The online tool has been developed inhouse by a multidisciplinary team comprising experts with geospatial, software development and flood risk expertise.

GFRT conducts a thorough flood risk assessment and delivers a set of customized solutions if the identified flood risk is considered significant. The output is generated instantly (also for multiple scenarios, with large extents of 20x20km and grid cells of 5m resolution), and the tool is set up in such a way that it can easily connect to, integrate or exchange with other services, tools and models.

Clients who are currently using the tool are port authorities and international financial institutes.

The benefits of the Global Flood Risk Tool are:

  • Interactive, visually attractive, geospatially distributed flood risk, and understandable user interface for non-experts
  • Enables informed decision-making for increasing flood resilience and business case modelling
  • A cloud-based platform with super computer power and parallel computing performance
  • Output is generated instantly: has been used to stimulate stakeholder dialogue during real-life session

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Global Flood Risk Tool

Global Flood Risk Tool

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