FloodFrame A/S

FloodFrame A/S

About FloodFrame

FloodFrame works to secure homes and buildings against flooding in the simplest, most efficient and affordable way.

In 2013, violent floods ravaged much of Europe. Many homeowners were powerless against these forces of nature, and with an upward trend in severe storms, the future looked bleak. This was the backdrop for our project to develop a solution that could protect homes from flooding. We set a number of criteria for a completely new solution: It should be simple, easy to understand, automatic, easy to maintain, aesthetic – at an affordable price.

The idea that answers all of these criteria is as simple as it is obvious: By harnessing the force of the water itself, the exposed building is wrapped in a completely waterproof, protective cloth.

The idea soon attracted interest from the renowned technical institutes, Danish Technological Institute and DHI, which are specialists in the aquatic environment. Both institutes were involved in the further development, and the Danish Ministry of the Environment participated in the funding through the Environmental Technology Development and Demonstration Program.

The development process involved several tests of materials, strength calculations, durability, water permeability through soil, wind and wave forces, as well as several full-scale tests in the laboratories at DHI. The final prototype was successfully tested on a full scale in December 2016.

Country: Denmark

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What is FloodFrame?
FloodFrame is an effective, discrete and affordable Property Flood Resilience (PFR) solution.

FloodFrame – how it works
FloodFrame is installed around the house or other building/asset, providing a hidden permanent flood resistance barrier. It activates automatically when the water level rises. FloodFrame does not require electricity and will activate as needed in case of flooding, even if no one is home.

FloodFrame consists of a heavy-duty waterproof cloth, customised to your house’s specifications. It is neatly stowed and concealed in a container, buried around the perimeter of your home, about 1 metre from the building itself.

If the flood waters rise and risk encroaching on your home, the mechanism automatically activates, releasing the cloth from its container. As the water level rises, its pressure causes the cloth to unfurl towards and up around the walls of your house. As FloodFrame is a tailor-made solution, we can ensure it automatically protects your home to the desired level, relative to flood risk in your area. It has an automatic release function when flood waters are detected, but FloodFrame can also be activated manually, should you wish to do so.

The heavy-duty cloth prevents the water from entering your house. The storage container buried around the perimeter, helps prevent the water from seeping into the house’s foundations.

After the cloth has been used during a flood, it is either rolled back or replaced, as needed.

The service-subscription includes an annual check up, so you can rest assured that everything is in optimal working order.



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