Flood Protection Solutions

Flood Protection Solutions

Flood Protection Solutions Ltd was founded in 2012, and has since grown into one of the UK’s leading flood defence companies.

Flooding causes devastating damage, and at Flood Protection Solutions Ltd we know all too well what this is like, having suffered extensive flooding to our home in the summer floods of 2007 before we had a Water-Gate barrier. Whilst remedial works were undertaken we were in temporary accommodation for 9 months. Although we were lucky and had insurance, this was still a huge stress and disruption to our lives. We have since made it our mission to help reduce flood risk across the U.K.

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To prevent such a trauma ever happening again, we searched for a product that would defend our house. We came across a Canadian Invention called Water-Gate. The system was unique in the way it didn’t need any fixing points and was easily transportable and very fast to deploy. We bought one of the barriers for ourselves, stored it in the garage, hoping we would never need it. In July 2012 the village flooded again. Imagine the scene: filthy brown flood water well over a foot deep rushed down the main street like a raging river and would have again flooded our garden and house as in 2007. However, we deployed our Water-Gate Barrier. It worked like a dream, exactly as the manufacturer’s video had shown. It was a great relief. The system worked so effectively, and we were so impressed, that we contacted the Canadian Inventor with our story and our grateful thanks and as a result our company – Flood Protection Solutions Ltd – was formed to bring the Water- Gate flood barriers to the U.K.

The company has grown year on year since 2012. We have expanded our services, allowing us to offer some of the best advice currently available for flooding in the U.K. Our top consultants now conduct research with organisations such as Cranfield University, allowing us to lead in flood defence and advice.  We have tailored the company to offer the best customer service and advice. We are a team of award winning engineers and conduct flood surveys across the U.K.

In 2017 www.floodandwaterpumps.co.uk was launched by Flood Protection Solutions Ltd to make quality water pumps more accessible with next day delivery and to help reduce pump jargon. With both practical and theoretical knowledge on flooding, our expertise on flooding is unrivalled, and after visiting homes and businesses around the country we decided too many individuals had the wrong water pump that would not be reliable. The site was launched to help change this. Our services have also expanded, and we now offer consultancy services for flooding and fire water runoff, along with flood risk assessments for planning. Everything we do is tailored around helping the customer with the problem at hand. We have a strong code of ethics and are passionate about delivering the best advice or solution available.

Being flooded is horrible. Filthy brown water devastates the ground floor of your house, and insurance claims run into tens of thousands of pounds. You are likely to be out of the house for around 9 months whilst it is repaired. By planning ahead, you can minimise the risk of this happening to your home.

Flooding is the biggest threat to the U.K as a result of climate change, and we’re on a mission to raise awareness and education in the sector. Our founder is regularly asked to speak at both national and international conferences raising the profile of flooding, and how we can be more resilient. As a result, we now work with communities across the U.K helping them become more resilient to flooding. We’re passionate about what we do and are incredibly proud of our work. Please do not hesitate to contact us to see how we can work together.

Country: United Kingdom

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