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Flood management, mitigation & resilience
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Flood management, mitigation & resilience

River Flood Assessment Based On Ethno-Geography Perspective on the People at Musi River South Sumatra Province, Indonesia

Musi River is one of the longest river in Indonesia located in South Sumatra Province, Indonesia. Its strategic location and become the center of the kingdom of Sriwijaya provide a variety of cultural information and history of life that flourished in the community on the banks of the Musi River related to river flood. This study aims to: (1) Analyzing paleo-temporal river flood based on geomorphological approachment; (2) Conducting ethno-geographic perspective of river flood disaster based on socio-cultural aspects of the community that develops in disaster mitigation. This research method is done by using landform unit approchment by utilizing satellite image of high spatial resolution, and spatial data in relating with landform information which then processed through geographic information system so that resulted map of paleo-flood reconstruction at Musi River, then socio-cultural analysis done through field direct interviews to communities on the banks of the Musi River to provide a detailed description of the ethno-geographic characteristics of the community. The result of the research shows that in general the river flood is not detrimental because the community settlement pattern is linear and is in the natural levees. In addition, the pattern of community mitigation against river flooding is done through structured mitigation with high pitched house construction from wood so that flood water does not inundate the community settlements.

Presentation given at InterFLOOD Asia 28 March 2019

Innovations in Flood Mitigation, Management & Resilience session chaired by David Wilkes, Global Flood Resilience Leader and Project Director, Arup

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Gerry Utama - Researcher, Environmental Geography Universitas Gadjah Mada

Gerry Utama

Gerry Utama

Researcher, Environmental Geography Universitas Gadjah Mada

Gerry Utama was born in Palembang, Indonesia and completed his education at the Faculty of Geography, Universitas Gadjah Mada, Indonesia. Currently, he works as a researcher at the Environmental Clinic and Disaster Mitigation Faculty of Geography
Unievrsitas Gadjah Mada, focusing on studies in the field of geomorphology, disaster risk reduction and management. Previously, he worked in various companies in Indonesia working in the field of disaster-hazard mapping, providing geospatial information on natural resources management.

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