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Flood management, mitigation & resilience
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Flood management, mitigation & resilience

Development of a riverflow forecasting system with minimum requirements

Presentation given at InterFLOOD Asia 28 March 2019


Water discharge forecast is a critical issue for many russian industry sectors, such as transportation, energy production, water management as for prevention of impacts of hydrological hazards. Hydrological models are now the best tool for flow forecasting, but lack of data about river network, soil and meteorological parameters make modelling a big challenge, especially on small watersheds. Global meteorological models added with mesoscale weather forecasting systems such as WRF along with geospacial databases and remote sensing can efficiently reduce meteorological and spacial data scarcity.

The purpose of our work consisted in developement of flow forecasting system which would use the maximum information from meteorological models and digital elevation models and minimum local knowledge about watershed. The WRF model forecast is used as input for two models. One is semi-distributed  model HYPE, other is a simple model using triple-section dependencies of volume-discharge for each river reach.

Results are compared with each other and with measured water discharges. MInimum requirements for the flow forecast model are discussed and some recommendations on developement of a riverflow forecasting system are given.

Innovations in Flood Mitigation, Management & Resilience session chaired by David Wilkes, Global Flood Resilience Leader and Project Director, Arup

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Nikolay Yasinskiy - Hydrologist, Consultant, MapMakers Group LLC

Nikolay Yasinskiy

Nikolay Yasinskiy

Hydrologist, Consultant, MapMakers Group LLC

An experienced hydrologist, Mr Yasinskiy graduated from MSU in , continental hydrology in 2007. For a long period he had been working as an environmental engineer and
hydrologist for different businesses, such as construction, oil & gas, and transportation. Recently he has worked in the field of operational forecasting of meteorological, hydrological and agrometeorological conditions.

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