EWR Radar Systems

EWR Radar Systems

With more than 270 radars deployed worldwide, EWR Radar Systems has a documented history of successfully producing and sustaining weather radar systems for the U.S. DoD, foreign militaries, and commercial clients since 1982. Learn about how EWR is dedicated to the advancement of weather radar technology through its state-of-the-art product line and unmatched lifecycle support services.

EWR has a proud tactical heritage and is the Industry Pioneer in X-Band technology and the Industry Innovator in portable weather radar systems.

Country: United States
Asia Climate Forum stand number: U06

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E700 PDR Series Doppler radar

E700 PDR Series Doppler radar
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The Tactical Weather Radar of Choice for the U.S. Military

EWR Radar Systems has been the industry leader in portable X Band weather radar solutions since 1982. Today, EWR’s Portable Weather Radar Systems are in the hands of a broad spectrum of end users including governments, oil companies, emergency management agencies, weather services and airports around the world.

EWR understands what it takes to build a radar system that is compact, rugged and can handle the rigors of mobile and rapid deployment in some of the most hostile conditions. This has led the United States Department of Defense to make EWR its primary supplier of ground based weather radar systems. The E700 PDR Weather Radar System is in use today by the U.S. Air Force Special Operations Command, the United States Marine Corps for their Meteorological Mobile Facility (METMF) Next Generation (NEXGEN) systems and by the U.S. Air Force for its next generation PDR (Portable Doppler Radar) program.

Field Proven EWR Solid State Transmitter with Pulse Compression and Hybrid Pulse Technology.

EWR pioneered the use of solid state transmitters in weather radar systems.

Where other Doppler radars utilize tube transmitters (klystrons, magnetrons, TWTs, etc.) that require frequent maintenance, high voltage and are prone to failure in difficult environments such as those found in mobile applications, the E700 PDR uses a long life solid-state transmitter which is virtually maintenance free and consumes far less power.

EWR solid state transmitters are field proven with over 80 solid state weather radar systems installed around the world today, a statement that no other manufacturer can make!

E700 PDR Series Doppler radar

E700 PDR Series Doppler radar

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