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EWR Radar Systems selected for a cloud seeding project in Southeast Asia.
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30th November 2022

EWR Radar Systems selected for a cloud seeding project in Southeast Asia.

EWR Radar Systems has been selected to provide its solid-state C-band weather radar technology for a cloud seeding project in Southeast Asia.

A pioneer in solid state weather radar technology, EWR will supply the latest offering from its line of solid-state weather radar systems – the E900 Series Dual Polarization Doppler Weather Radar.  
The radar’s high resolution, real-time estimates of cloud and precipitation properties will be used to support the cloud seeding efforts used to combat regional drought effects suffered by farmers.

The E900 combines state-of-the-art solid-state transmitters, pulse compression and hybrid pulse technology with an innovative and rugged antenna mounted radio frequency (RF) design. The antenna mounted RF design was first introduced by EWR in 2012. All RF components are integrated into the radar pedestal assembly, eliminating long external waveguide runs and inefficient rotary joints. The design results in lower infrastructure costs, lower maintenance requirements, increased performance, and easy installations.

With its high resolution, rugged design, and field-proven reliability, the E900 is the ideal solution for ‘gap filling’ applications in new or existing networks. Backed by more than 40 years of experience, the E900 is the most advanced, commercial off the shelf (COTS) solid state doppler weather radar on the market today.

Since 1982, EWR is dedicated to the advancement of weather radar technology through its state-of-the-art product line and lifecycle support services. The company is the number one supplier of portable weather radars to the United States Department of Defense and has a documented history of successfully producing and sustaining weather radar systems for multiple branches including the US Air Force and the US Marine Corps. 

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