Everise Technology

Everise Technology

Founded in 2002, Everise is one of the most famous high-tech enterprises in the environmental and meteorological monitoring area. Everise specializes in manufacturing, supplying, maintaining service, and integrating systems and engineering for atmospheric environmental monitoring equipment.

Everise major products include remote sensing lidar monitoring systems; ambient air quality monitoring systems; online VOCs monitoring systems; haze monitoring & early warning systems; and mobile monitoring vehicle systems.

Country: China
Asia Climate Forum stand number: V22

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Aerosol Laser Lidar EV-Lidar

Aerosol Laser Lidar EV-Lidar
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With a 532nm laser, EV-Lidar polarized Micro Pulse Lidar (MPL) could continuously monitor the aerosols distribution, analyze composition and spatial&temporal evolution of aerosols. EV-Lidar could also acquire such data as structure and evolution characteristics of PBL, vertical extinction coefficient and temporal evolution characteristics of atmospheric aerosols (or dust), height, layers and structure of clouds, atmospheric visibility and PM2.5/PM10 concentration. Meanwhile, EV-Lidar could monitor distribution of industrial dust emission, diffusion law of pollution resources over the city, and monitor weather process of haze and sandstorm. It has a great significance on monitoring atmospheric environment and studying atmospheric science.

Technical features


  • Stable optical system, minimal blind area and reduced geometric overlapping factor.
  • Fully integrated with greater mobility. 
  • Wide range of operating temperature. Strong environmental adaptability and can work continuously in the wilds
  • With temperature control module, optical sensor chamber, and display&control function of humidity and temperature.
  • With a remote start module, to start up lidar system remotely by single push.
  • Compliant with TUV eye-safety standards


  • User-friendly and advanced interface design.
  • Advanced imaging processing for differential and direct comparison as well as evolution characterization.
  • Massive historical data archiving, organizing, and browsing by different attributes (distance, time &date, etc.)
  • Interactive data viewing on spatial and temporal charts.
  • Displaying real-time concentration distribution of PM2.5/PM10 at different time and heights.
Aerosol Laser Lidar EV-Lidar

Aerosol Laser Lidar EV-Lidar

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