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Eldes launches new mobile weather radar system
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17th November 2022

Eldes launches new mobile weather radar system

ELDES has engineered a mobile version of its radar systems, opening a wider range of applications. 

With mobility, ELDES systems (WR-10X – WR-25XP – WR-J) can be easily deployed for real-time weather observation during events in which the safety of operations and people is the first aspect to be taken into consideration such as sports events or leisure activities.

For civil protection purposes they can be used for weather monitoring for temporary structures and emergency control installations. In general in all the situations in which a high-resolution observation, with the guarantee of an effective early-warning on a specific area, is required. Even if this area is already covered by Radar service, the increased resolution given by a local sensor, allows the right notice and the right level of information for a “mission-critical” approach.

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