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EEC to supply shipboard weather radar system for Taiwan
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5th May 2022

EEC to supply shipboard weather radar system for Taiwan

Officially launched in August of 2020, the 2,155 ton “New Ocean Researcher 1” vessel, commissioned by Taiwan’s Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST), and operated by National Taiwan University (NTU), is the only research vessel in Taiwan equipped with a full deck of meteorological sensors and equipment. The meteorological data collected during the vessel’s voyage is sent via satellite communications to the Central Weather Bureau, to improve regional climate models and weather forecasts for Taiwan.

The addition of EEC’s Defender C350 Shipboard Weather Radar, contracted by our in-country partner, GECL, during the first quarter of 2022, will allow the collection and analysis of changes in the air moisture in the sky within a radius 150 kilometers around the ship, and will help understand the generation of southwest monsoon rainfall, and the persistent Meiyu front in the summer.

According to NTU, “the detection equipment and capabilities of R/V New Ocean Researcher 1 have greatly enhanced the vision of ocean research in Taiwan, raising its level from regional ocean research to a global scale of ocean voyages and future-oriented explorations that will further connect Taiwan to the world.” 

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