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EEC selected to supply new weather radar to Hong Kong Observatory
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22nd January 2021

EEC selected to supply new weather radar to Hong Kong Observatory

After many months of technical reviews and negotiations, the Hong Kong Observatory (HKO) selected EEC to supply a new Defender SK850 (S-Band/Klystron) Dual-Polarization Doppler weather radar to replace the current HKO radar high atop Tai Mo Shan, Hong Kong’s highest peak.

“The current HKO radar system on Tai Mo Shan peak is over 20 years old and utilizes numerous legacy features and components,” notes Rich Stedronsky, EEC’s Director of Strategic Business Development and Partnerships. “The new Defender SK850 system will help the HKO modernize their most vital remote sensing tool, allowing them to provide improved forecasts and alerts for the region, especially during the monsoon season.”

The new EEC Defender SK850 will reside in the same location as HKO’s current radar. The existing system will simply be removed, and the new EEC radar installed in its place. “This radar system is critical to our day-to-day operations and we require the most advanced solution on the market today,” said Mr. YW Chan, Senior Science Officer for the HKO. “We are excited about the new EEC system and cannot wait to utilize all of the advanced tools and capabilities it will offer.”

More About the HKO

Established in 1883, the HKO is the primary weather forecasting entity for the government of Hong Kong. The HKO forecasts the weather and issues warnings on weather-related hazards. It also provides other meteorological and geophysical services to meet the needs of the public, shipping, aviation, industrial, and engineering sectors.

About EEC

EEC is recognized as the world leader in the meteorological radar field since its inception in 1971, with more than 1,100 radar systems manufactured and delivered in the United States and over 100 countries worldwide. Celebrating our 50th year in operation, EEC has consistently led the industry worldwide in the introduction of the latest available technology to enhance radar and data processing performance. A strong focus on innovation and technology infusion into the product line continues to be a driving factor in EEC’s leadership in the weather radar and satellite ground station market. EEC’s products and capabilities can be viewed at

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