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Early Warning, Response & Recovery
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Early Warning, Response & Recovery

Evacuate if you are told to

Presentation given at InterMET Asia 28 March 2019

Warning, Response & Recovery session chaired by Dr. Senaka Basnayake, Director - Climate Resilience, Asian Disaster Preparedness Center

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Foeke Kuik - Director of Global Services, Campbell Scientific

Foeke Kuik

Foeke Kuik

Director of Global Services, Campbell Scientific

• Free University of Amsterdam, MSc Physics and Astronomy.
• Free University of Amsterdam, PhD Physics and Astronomy.
• Various Financial training courses.
• Various corporate training courses.
• Product Management Training (USA, 2011)

Management Experience
• Management of the Business Development Group, including sales offices in Singapore, Paris and New York (K&Z)
• Management of an international group of people in Spain, Australia and Netherlands for over 10 years.
• Managing director of an international technology IT company for over 6 years.
• Implementation and certification of a new ISO9001:2000 system.
• Actively involved in international sales and customer relationships.

Employment History
CEO Kipp & Zonen B.V.
• Through management buy-out became (partly) owner of Kipp & Zonen and took the position of CEO. May 2014-present
Business Development Manager Kipp & Zonen B.V.
• Started as BDM in Kipp & Zonen to create a professional BD and Sales organisation. 2012-April 2014
Director Weather Product Centre Telvent/Schneider Electric Environment
• The WePC provides scientific support, technical support, sales support, to all Telvent Environment subsidiaries (Perth, Culemborg, Calgary, Minneapolis and Seville), it defines strategic alliances, the strategy for our business group, product definition, etc. The WePC staff is mainly located in Madrid, Seville and Culemborg (Netherlands). 2008-2011
Vice President Telvent Netherlands BV
• After acquisition in 2005 by Telvent, full responsibility for the management of the Telvent Netherlands Office. 2005-2008
Managing Director Almos Systems BV
• Responsible for general management of the office of 25 persons, software engineers, administration, financial department, business development and sales, customer support department. 2002-2005
Senior Scientist Instrumentation Division KNMI (Royal Netherland Meteorological Institute)
• Responsible for the KNMI meteorological observations systems and networks in the Netherlands.
• Research on the suitability of meteorological instruments and sensors.
• Project Manager for the design of a new meteorological network for the Netherlands, including meteorological systems for all civil airports and military airports; project manager for the European Tender Procedure, project manager for the implementation of the new network with the provider Almos Systems. 1995 - 2001
Research Scientist Scientific Department KNMI (Royal Netherland Meteorological Institute)
• Research on solar radiation, ozone and the UV climate in the Netherlands. Started up ozone and UV monitoring program in the Netherlands.
• Built a UV calibration laboratory at KNMI.
• Participated in various European (Frame Work) Research Programs
• Participated in various international measurement campaigns for radiation measurements and calibrations. 1992 - 1995

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Early Warning, Response & Recovery

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