Dam Easy Flood Barriers

Dam Easy Flood Barriers

Dam Easy Flood Barriers is a brand from All Weather Industries which is an Irish company established in September 2017. The range of flood protection products were launched in Ireland to service the domestic market. The demand for the flood protection products quickly spread to other neighbouring European countries who were also prone to flooding. This has grown further with the products available through north and south America, Asia and the middle east.

The products are now available for sale in over 30 countries by 21 established distributors. The design and manufacturing quality of the products makes DIY installation easy which is makes the products a viable choice for Flood protection

Country: United Kingdom

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Flood Barrier Door Dam

Flood Barrier Door Dam
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Floods are becoming more common around the world. What was once a 100-year phenomenon is now a seasonal trend that homeowners must deal with.

That’s EXACTLY why you need this Dam Easy Flood Barrier Door Dam!

An excellent alternative to heavy and messy sandbags, this barrier provides the first line of defense to prevent water from entering doors and windows in your home. When flooding happens, the ability to act quickly is critical. This flood protection barrier provides you with reliable flood protection at your fingertips as it can be installed in under 5 minutes!

Don’t wait until it’s too late. Get this flood barrier door dam and protect your house now!

Flood Barrier Door Dam

Flood Barrier Door Dam

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