Comet is a professional team developing the highest quality equipment for measuring weather conditions, the latest systems with the most accurate readings.

For years, we have been configuring weather stations using all sensors and measuring instruments available on the market to keep abreast of the world’s latest developments. In addition to the group of developers and technicians, we have a qualified service team able to work even in the most extreme conditions. Professionalism is the main feature of our team.

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We measure:   

  • atmospheric pressure
  • air temperature
  • absolute humidity
  • dew point temperature
  • insolation
  • detection, occurrence and intensity of frost/rime frost
  • ground temperature
  • thickness of snow cover
  • precipitation height
  • wind direction and speed
  • air density
  • intensity of solar radiation
  • true wind measurement
  • air humidity
  • upper wind measurement
  • location of precipitation
  • rainfall intensity
  • direction of cloud movement
  • speed of cloud movement
  • measurement of cloud base (height)
  • ozone concentration
Country: Poland

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Field Meteorological Station

Field Meteorological Station
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The Field Meteorological Station acts as an autonomous, mobile weather station, capable of securing the meteorological activity of aviation units, land forces and landing units, including:

  • measuring the earth’s atmospheric parameters
  • measuring upper winds from the ground surface up to the height of min. 3 km
  • exchanging data with the superior meteorological office
  • visualisation of data on the current state of weather at the command (control) station.

    The FMS consists of:

1. off-road vehicle;
2. an FMS working compartment consisting of:

  • a cabin with operator workstations (weatherman and observer)
  • power supply module with 230V/50Hz and 110V/60Hz
  • a communication module
  • automatic-mobile measuring system of AWOS type
  • upper wind measurement system based on the TD-4 theodolite by Tamaya
  • weatherman support system based on Pileus software, by Comet

Key features:

  • a single-body container with two windows on the side walls with roller blinds and rear doors
  • insulated walls, floor and roof made of sandwich panels. Interior design adapted to work for two people, equipped with one place for rest
  • a 6 kW power generator with automatic starting system and SZR including the possibility of its removal to the outside
  • parking roof air conditioner with heating option
  • an independent heating system powered by the vehicle’s fuel tank
  • internal lighting and external LED work fields
  • integrated earthing kit
  • mounted ladder to allow access to the roof of the FMS
  • a bracket for mounting a radio modem antenna
  • handles for transporting fuel canisters and helium cylinders
  • equipment lockers for the transport of FMS equipment, with access through accession flaps on both sides of the vehicle, internal LED lighting of equipment lockers
  • essential elements of equipment: two computer stations, 4 rugged notebooks, printing and faxing devices, telephone, 2 routers, 2 switches, UPS, 110V/60Hz to 230V/50Hz inverter, external connection board with the following IP66 sockets: electrical, RJ-45, RS-232, antenna

Weatherman Assistant Systems Pileus

Weatherman Assistant Systems Pileus
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The system consists of the following groups of applications:

System database – stores source and processed meteorological data used by other system applications of the system.

Database containing the structures storing the meteorological data derived from the following types of bulletins:

  • only selected dispatch elements decoded: TAF

Applications managing data – carrying out data transmission and responsible for keeping the data stored in the system database up-to-date.

They facilitate:

  • data transmission both on asynchronous and synchronous links
  • data transmission on Internet lines
  • exchange of bulletins with other programmes by saving them as files in declared folders (in particular, it enables reading bulletins in accordance with the standard used by the meteorological communication processor – the sent file contains the path to the proper bulletin file stored in the processor archive)
  • simultaneous operation of multiple directions (lines)
  • sending text and binary bulletins without limiting their size
  • filtering bulletins sent on individual lines

Tool and presentation applications – used by the weatherman in the process of developing meteorological data, forecasting and distributing information about the meteorological situation.

This group comprises of:

  • synoptic map
  • dispatch editor
  • aerological diagram
  • weather status table
Field Meteorological Station

Field Meteorological Station

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Weatherman Assistant Systems Pileus

Weatherman Assistant Systems Pileus

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