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Climavision closes critical weather radar gap in North Carolina
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17th February 2023

Climavision closes critical weather radar gap in North Carolina

Supplemental radar network to provide life-saving weather data for more than 3 million people.

A decades-old gap in weather radar coverage across much of North Carolina is now closed, thanks to three new radars installed by Climavision, a climate-tech data pioneer. This month, the company’s new radar in Wagram, 90 miles Southwest of Raleigh, joins their other recent installations near Charlotte and High Point.

Since the 1990s, the National Weather Service has monitored severe weather over North Carolina using NEXRAD S-band radars. However, gaps can exist between these systems as the radar beam moves higher in the atmosphere the further it gets from the radar location. This leaves some areas - including Charlotte, the Piedmont Triad and much of Central North Carolina - exposed to weather phenomena that often happens in the lower atmosphere such as flash flooding, sleet, ice, and tornadoes.

Numerous efforts to add more government radars in North Carolina have failed to secure funding, while increasingly volatile weather has made the need even more critical. That’s why Climavision stepped in with a state-of-the-art private sector solution to fill the gap.

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