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Biral and MicroStep-MIS Gain Russian Certification
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11th March 2021

Biral and MicroStep-MIS Gain Russian Certification

On February 3 2021, the Russian office of MicroStep-MIS received the certificate of state registration of measuring instruments for visibility and present weather sensors, issued by the Federal Agency for Technical Regulation and Metrology (Rosstandart). MicroStep-MIS is the official representative of Biral (UK) in Russia and the Republic of Belarus. 

The process for the certification of the equipment took just over one year. Gaining this important certification gives full confidence in the quality and performance of the Biral sensors to domestic Russian consumers and allows the opportunity to export them across all Russian states and affiliated countries and importantly, to participate in auctions and public procurement tenders. 

The certification covers the SWS series of visibility sensors, the VPF series of present weather sensors and the ALS-2 ambient light sensor. 

Biral is the manufacturer of the VPF and SWS visibility and present weather sensors which are used worldwide, with its renowned VPF range as possibly the most accurate and durable on the market (with a proven track record of over 20 years).

The VPF range’s high specification and accuracy in all weather conditions make it the number one choice for safety-critical installations at airports and helidecks as well as in national weather service networks and remote, unattended monitoring stations.

The ALS-2 Ambient Light Sensor is designed to measure background luminance as part of a Runway Visual Range (RVR) system. Mounted alongside the runway the ambient light sensor is often deployed with a visibility meter to provide the data necessary for calculation of RVR. 

The Biral SWS sensors have been part of the system operating in Kazakhstan since 2012. Certification of the Biral sensors for the Russian market is an important milestone and part of the certification of the entire MicroStep-MIS product line on the Russian market. Besides the Biral sensors, the company lately completed the certification of the Digital Barometer MSB780(X) and currently, we are undergoing the same for the Automated Weather Observation System.

Alexey Krylov, the Managing Director of MicroStep-MIS in Russia said, “For us, obtaining this important certificate is a key stage that will now allow us to fully promote Biral’s products and introduce MicroStep-MIS into the Russian and Belarusian markets.”

Nathan Neal, the Sales and Marketing Director of Biral also commented, “After all the hard work and the considerable time it has taken to achieve this certification, I would like to thank Alexey and his team and wish them every success for the future.”

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