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AI brings real-time weather alerts to flood-prone Thailand, Vietnam
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15th February 2023

AI brings real-time weather alerts to flood-prone Thailand, Vietnam

Japan's Weathernews and startups help Asia clients take early action

More companies are using artificial intelligence to help shield clients in Asian countries such as Thailand and Vietnam from the fallout from weather-related disasters.

Damage from a flash flood in 2021 prompted an electronics factory at Thailand's Bangpoo industrial park to sign up for a pilot forecast service from Weathernews, a leading Japanese weather company. The service, which debuted in February, lets the factory outside Bangkok track the likelihood of sudden weather changes nearby within a three-hour period.

The Thai Meteorological Department normally provides only daily forecasts by region. Weathernews uses AI to collect and analyze data for real-time, hyperlocal forecasts. It warns clients of potential squalls and floods, letting them put up barriers or move equipment to prevent damage.

Weathernews also works with local authorities to install its radar, expected to bring the accuracy of its forecasts in Thailand on par with those in Japan.

The company plans a full launch of AI-based forecasting in Thailand as early as March, and in Vietnam as soon as June. Weathernews says it will be the first company to set up its own equipment and provide such a service in Asia.

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