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2020 North Pacific Warmth
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2020 North Pacific Warmth

First posted July 24th 2020

One of the most striking and persistent climate anomalies of recent years has been the widespread unusual warmth that has affected the North Pacific Ocean. Beginning in summer 2013, sea surface temperatures (SSTs) became much warmer than normal between Alaska and Hawaii, and as the warm anomaly persisted and intensified over the next two years, it gained widespread attention and became known in some circles as the “The Blob“.

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Dr. Jan Dutton - CEO, Prescient Weather Ltd

Dr. Jan Dutton

Dr. Jan Dutton

CEO, Prescient Weather Ltd

Jan is the CEO of Prescient Weather Ltd. and ClimBiz Ltd. His career spans positions at Weather Ventures, Earth Networks, Storm Exchange, Schneider Electric, and DTN. Dr. Dutton’s career objective is to enable business decision making based on weather and climate information.

He received a dual degree B.A. in Physics and Science and Technology Studies from Colby College in Waterville, ME in 1994. He received a Ph.D. from the Penn State Department of Meteorology in 2000. He also received an MBA from the Smeal College Business at Penn State in 2000. His dissertation focused on the simulation of interannual climate variability using regional climate models.

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